MV GROUP employees learnt about a legend at special film premieres

MV GROUP employees learnt about a legend at special film premieres

MV GROUP’s business story is worthy of a movie. This was confirmed by the large number of invited viewers – the Group’s employees – who attended the premieres of “The Dreamers” („Svajotojai“) and were treated to a special celebration in cinemas in Lithuania and abroad. The industrial documentary film is a unique format for a business group to tell its story and reveal its legend.

Dressed up and in high spirits, the participants of the internationally realised event interacted lively with their colleagues, enjoyed snacks and drinks, and eagerly awaited the screening of “The Dreamers” – an exclusive film about MV GROUP, which has grown from a small shop to one of the largest business groups in the Baltics.

Unexpected and unique: The MV GROUP story intertwined with the Doberman legend

The film’s director Mindaugas Banys and his team have used the language of cinema to convey in a compelling way how a spontaneous dream turned into an impressive organisation that unites companies in Lithuania and abroad. The bronze Doberman, a symbol and legend of the determination of a business group of more than 1,000 employees today, helped protect the dream and the growing business.

The two intertwined stories of business and the dog sculpture posed a number of challenges for the creative team, but the result is an industrial documentary that captures the attention of the audience. For the employees invited to the premieres, the film was a great surprise and an unforgettable opportunity to see their colleagues on the screen and hear fascinating stories about the company. 

“We are a big organisation today because we have always had a lot of determination, ideas and dreams. And we have always had a Doberman beside us – a legend that reflects our character,” said Marijus Cilcius, CEO of MV GROUP, as he welcomed the people to the premiere. He recalled that the Group had fulfilled its promise to recover the sculpture of the Doberman and place it in front of its current office in Paupys. The sculpture once stood at the origins of the business – at the company’s first office and shop. So the idea was to revive this legend by seeing the Doberman standing in front of the current office to delight both employees and passers-by.

M. Cilcius revealed that it was the Doberman who inspired the group to tell its story in a different, and for many unexpected, format. It is also the start of a new tradition to present its Oscars – awards to honour the achievements, merits and breakthroughs of its employees. 

The film’s director, M. Banys, thanked them for their interesting work and for the opportunity to interact with exceptional personalities – long-standing employees who tell the adventurous story of the business from their own mouths.

The exclusive premiere took place internationally – in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. In our country, the film was screened in Vilnius, Kaunas, Alytus, Šiauliai, Anykščiai – the cities where MV GROUP companies and factories operate. Thus, “The Dreamers” visited cinema halls and theatres in 8 cities in Lithuania and abroad. 

Creating and protecting the dream is the key

Even though more than three decades have passed, the company’s long-standing employees have a clear memory of how it all began in late 1992. A spontaneous dream led them to set up a shop and café on Vilnius’ Gediminas Avenue. The place quickly became wildly popular because it was full of freedom and served customers in a completely different way than was usual during the long years of Soviet occupation. Customers appreciated the different approach and culture of communication, and the trust they earned inspired the Mineraliniai vandenai team to grow their business, bring world-famous brands to Lithuania and innovate. Throughout this journey, the dreamers and creators were always protected by the faithful sculpture of a Doberman dog, which became a symbol of the company’s spirit.

The old-timers interviewed by the filmmakers admit that already MV GROUP’s predecessor Mineraliniai vandenys (which changed its name to MV GROUP Distribution LT in 2022) was an organisation where working was a dream for many. And what better motivation can there be when you are doing the job you dreamed of?

Even today, the Group’s employees acknowledge that the support of their managers and colleagues is one of the most important drivers for them to achieve their professional ambitions. “When you see that you can realise yourself and your ideas even become standards in the company or in the whole market, then you get a constant strong impulse to create and to move on,” said Gintaras Vysockis, one of the heroes of the film, a long-term employee of the Group and project manager at MV GROUP Distribution LT.

Marijus Cilcius, CEO of MV GROUP, and Algirdas Čiburys, CEO of MV GROUP Production, who are also featured in the film together with their colleagues, said that the people and their community are the most important factors that make an organisation grow. This gives rise to ideas on how to create synergies both between technologies and between companies. The group of companies operating in Lithuania and abroad is a living example of synergy. Business is a reflection of how a bold dream and vision becomes reality.

Meaningful rewards for employees who make history

People who believe in their team and their ideas are the protagonists of The Dreamers. They all have a strong desire to learn, to take on new challenges and to grow. As a result, the organisation has grown rapidly to become one of the largest business groups in the Baltic States, MV GROUP.

At the same time, the best traditions of Lithuanian beverage production have been preserved and the acquired beverage factories have been renewed: Kaunas Stumbras, Alytus Alita, Anykščių vynas, Šiauliai Gubernija. Lithuanian business opened up to global experience, progress and innovations, which were like a Doberman’s energetic leaps into international markets – a determination to showcase Lithuanian products as widely as possible and to promote the country.

The filmmakers repeatedly reminded us that a sculpture of a Doberman stood at the origin of the business – in front of the first drinks shop and café on Vilnius’ Gediminas Avenue – three decades ago. It has become an important symbol in the group’s history and in the film. The sculpture, which stood in the capital, has become a memorable memory for many Vilnius residents and visitors. The legendary Doberman was an unexpected and original attribute that seemed to protect the business in less than peaceful times. The symbol and the business group were reunited when sculptor Eimantas Ludavičius’s work was erected last year in front of the MV GROUP headquarters.

A small bronze replica of the impressive sculpture will be presented each year to ten employees of the Group who have distinguished themselves in various fields. This award is a token of appreciation and exceptional recognition for the challenges they have overcome. This year’s award ceremony will take place in early summer.

According to the audience, the film is a perfect illustration of why MV GROUP today brings together an impressive team of professionals and fosters a unique organisational culture where everyone can take pride in their work. The Group manages companies in 4 sectors. The manufacturing sector is represented by beverage plants in almost all categories. MV GROUP Distribution’s distribution in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland is carried out by MV GROUP Distribution LT, MV GROUP Distribution LV, MV GROUP Distribution EE and MV GROUP Distribution PL. Logistics services are provided by MV GROUP Logistics and retail sales are carried out in Bottlery and Nespresso stores.