It is a modern, integrated logistics solution that saves customers time and money. The 3PL approach helps to coordinate the daily processes: receiving, preparing, and delivering goods. By applying this approach, MV GROUP Logistics has created optimal conditions for storing goods in the most strategic locations and offers additional services in its warehouses to prepare goods for sale and help customers avoid additional small works. The company is continuously expanding the range of outlets it serves, coordinating vehicle flows, and providing delivery services on optimally planned routes. MV GROUP Logistics is a reliable logistics partner that provides each customer with all the necessary storage, preparation, distribution, and transport services.


MV GROUP Logistics’ central warehouse in Vilnius has 22,000 sq.m. of Class A storage space. The warehouse is designed for the storage of consumer goods and is equipped with a modern electronic system that not only monitors all movements of individual products but also provides a convenient accounting for even the largest flows of goods. The warehouse accepts all packages on Euro pallets and, by prior arrangement, also packages on non-standard 1000×1200 mm pallets. For small quantities of small goods, the warehouse is equipped with separate racks.

The warehouse also has robust security controls, video surveillance, a modern fire-extinguishing, heating, and ventilation system. All storage areas are kept clean and hygienic, and there is strict pest control in place.

A Network of Terminals
A network of transhipment terminals in strategic locations in Lithuania – Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Alytus, Anykščiai – helps to ensure optimal logistics solutions for our customers.
Packaging Standards
All packaging on EURO pallets is accepted. Packaging on non-standard 1000×1200 mm pallets is accepted by a separate agreement. Separate racks are available for small quantities of small goods.
Warehouse for Excisable Goods
In addition to the usual high-quality warehousing services, the company can also provide a partner bonded warehouse and an excise warehouse for the storage of goods controlled by the State Tobacco Board and Alcohol Service, which are subject to a temporary suspension of excise duty.

Preparation of goods

MV GROUP Logistics takes a holistic approach to its services and strives to ensure that its clients‘ operations are not held up by the smallest detail. We are ready to take care of every possible nuance and offer a range of goods preparation services, from labelling to packaging promotional goods. We do not just pack, we repackage, clean, and vacuum seal merchandise. You can hire us to design, manufacture, and apply various labels, stickers, barcode stickers, banderoles, and remove old labels. Our highly trained product preparation staff will do it faster, better and cheaper. We label up to 4,000,000 items per month at our preparation locations!

We produce labels
We design and produce a wide range of stickers, labels and barcode stickers.
We stick labels
We apply stickers, labels and banderols to the packaging of goods
We arrange the goods
We do all the packing of goods, repackaging, cleaning, and vacuuming works. We remove old labels.

Transportation and Delivery of Goods and Packages

The transport fleet of MV GROUP Logistics consists of over 90 trucks. Trucks with hydraulic lifts and vans are ready to deliver goods weighing from 1 gramme to 24 tonnes. The fleet serves more than 7,000 outlets in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. All orders are executed within 24 hours or or 48 hours, depending on the region, according to a schedule agreed with the customer.

We supply retail chains, central warehouses, hotels, restaurants, cafes (HoReCa), petrol stations, and smaller shops. We offer particularly favourable conditions for the busiest points of sale. For retailers, we offer consolidated delivery of orders from different suppliers to stores. MV GROUP Logistics also offers parcel transport and delivery services. From small packages to multiple pallets, finished shipments are picked up and delivered according to an agreed schedule or on an expedited basis.


Orders can be placed with MV GROUP Logistics by e-mail or via the convenient EDI data exchange system.

Delivery of goods
Goods are distributed to more than 7,000 points of sale in Lithuania according to an agreed schedule. We prepare all documents ourselves.
Transportation of Consignments
We pick-up your shipments and deliver them according to the schedule or on an “extra” basis. From small packages to multiple pallets.
Centralisation of Trade
We consolidate orders from different suppliers and deliver them to our customers’ stores. This is a very favourable way for retailers.