Exclusive Nespresso Lounge Awaits Coffee Enthusiasts at Akropolis

Exclusive Nespresso Lounge Awaits Coffee Enthusiasts at Akropolis

The Swiss Nespresso brand, known worldwide for its excellent coffee, has finally arrived in Kaunas, Lithuania. A Nespresso lounge has been established at Akropolis, where coffee experts will introduce visitors to Nespresso technologies and flavours.

Until now, high-quality coffee capsules with a variety of flavours reached Kaunas through online orders. Now, residents of Kaunas have their own Nespresso lounge, where Nespresso coffee experts greet them, presenting innovations in coffee preparation and new tastes.

Special offers apply

Nespresso always aims to provide an exceptional experience for its customers. “We see that the majority of our coffee lovers reside in major cities, so we chose Kaunas for expansion. At Akropolis, we will offer the opportunity for convenient shopping with personal consultations from Nespresso coffee experts, the chance to taste a wide range of coffees, and get up close with the offered products,” says Kristina Žižova, the retail and e-commerce manager for the Baltic countries.

According to her, Akropolis in Kaunas is a well-known shopping and entertainment place that is easily accessible, so there were no doubts about the choice of location for a globally recognised brand.

At Akropolis, customers will be able to buy the entire Nespresso range—both Original and Vertuo machines, as well as coffee capsules, various accessories, and sweets to complement unforgettable coffee moments. The special offers available to Nespresso Club members in the e-shop will also be available when shopping at the Nespresso lounge in Kaunas.

Lithuanian taste meets Hollywood star choice

K. Žižova notes that the trend of favourite flavours in Lithuania is no different from that of coffee lovers in other countries. Favourites include coffee from the Original line, such as Arpeggio and Ristretto, known for their intense taste. A significant number of customers also chose the espresso coffee Volluto, favourited by Nespresso ambassador and Hollywood actor George Clooney.

Nespresso representatives reveal that customers with Vertuo coffee machines particularly appreciate the ability to make a large cup of coffee with just one capsule. Naturally, their top choices include coffee capsules that can produce a ‘mug’ (230 ml)-sized coffee cup: Melozio and Stormio. Those who prefer a slightly smaller cup usually opt for the Fortado coffee capsule suitable for a Gran Lungo (150 ml) size.

Kristina Žižova is convinced that the Akropolis outlet will provide customers with pleasant findings and the joy of discovery. This will be ensured by the Nespresso experts on the lounge, who have a wealth of knowledge about this coffee. They aim to ensure that every customer enjoys an exceptional shopping experience and is always satisfied with their choices.

“With more than 60 coffee capsules in the lounge, combining the Original and Vertuo ranges, there is plenty to choose from, and our coffee experts are always on hand to help and guide you,” concludes K. Žižova.

Technology brings convenience and unleashes memorable flavours

Nespresso has gained popularity worldwide due to its innovative approach to coffee preparation and the company’s commitment to ensuring that each capsule contains the same quantity of high-quality and flavourful, fresh coffee. Tastefulness and freshness are guaranteed by using aluminium in the capsules.

“When Nespresso entered Lithuania, we felt people’s amazement because not everyone was familiar with advanced technology. However, we can now rejoice that more and more people appreciate the convenience and can’t imagine their daily lives without it. The introduction of Vertuo in Lithuania demonstrated this—many customers had already heard about these coffee machines and capsules, so they were very excited to finally buy them in Lithuania,” shares K. Žižova.

She notes that since Nespresso arrived in Lithuania, the popularity of capsule coffee machines has noticeably increased in the country. People quickly discovered and began to appreciate the convenience, as these coffee machines require little maintenance. The constantly changing and expanding assortment of coffee capsules allows coffee enthusiasts to better understand the drink, its tastes, and aromas, and enjoy perfect froth and consistency.

A sustainable solution

People worldwide who value a sustainable lifestyle choose Nespresso because of the company’s commitments and solutions in the field of sustainability. The aluminium capsule return and recycling system is an example of how Nespresso encourages its customers to contribute to sustainability.

It is observed that the quantity of returned capsules in Lithuania is growing, and the Akropolis Lounge in Kaunas will also contribute to supporting sustainable practices.

Nespresso encourages coffee enthusiasts in Kaunas to collect used coffee capsules and return them for recycling to the lounge or by placing an order in the online store, where customers can choose the SWAP function. A courier delivering the Nespresso order will collect the capsules from the customer for recycling.

All Nespresso capsules are made from at least 80% recycled aluminium; this metal can be recycled indefinitely. Žižova, the retail and e-commerce manager for the Baltic countries, points out that, for the convenience of collecting used capsules, customers can use a special free bag, available at the lounge or by ordering it in the online store, when purchasing their favourite coffee capsules.