„MV GROUP Logistics“ – a company providing complex 3PL services to business entities in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. In addition to warehousing services (including excise warehousing), the company provides extra preparation of goods for trading (from labelling to packaging of promotional items), as well as transportation and delivery of goods on optimally planned routes.

Warehouse area, sq. m.
Loaded and unloaded pallets daily
Labelled and prepared goods monthly, mln.
Delivery points in Lithuania
Pallets storage locations
Storage of goods

We provide our clients with a central class A warehouse in Vilnius, which is suitable for a wide range of consumer goods; the warehouse has an advanced electronic system which allows to monitor movement of each good and conveniently manage large flow of goods and their accounting information. Besides, our clients are able to use convenient transfer terminals in strategic locations in Lithuania (Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys), the excise warehouse for storage of goods controlled by the State Tobacco and Alcohol Service, customs warehouse and customs services.

Preparation of goods

To save our customers’ time and money, we offer layout, production and pasting services of various stickers, labels, barcode stickers and stamping of different countries and also packaging, re-packaging, cleaning, removal of old labels and vacuuming services.

Delivery of goods

We deliver the goods and individually packed consignments from the warehouse to more than 6 000 trading points in Lithuania in a period of 24 hours. We are able to collect and deliver prepared goods (from a small package to several pallets) on the basis of the schedule planned or express delivery. On a consolidated basis, we also deliver orders from different suppliers to the indicated stores.

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