MV GROUP Logistics is a company providing comprehensive 3PL services to business entities in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. In addition to warehousing (including storage of excisable goods), the company provides additional services for the preparation of goods for sale (from labelling to packaging of goods for promotional purposes), as well as transportation and delivery of goods on optimally planned routes.

pallet storage space
pallets loaded and unloaded daily
number of employees
million units of goods labelled per month
delivery points in Lithuania
300 000
number of order lines per month
Warehousing of Goods

We offer our clients a central Class A warehouse for consumer products in Vilnius, equipped with an advanced electronic system that allows us to monitor all movements of each product and conveniently manage large flows of goods and their accounting information.

Preparation of Goods

To save our clients‘ time and money, we offer a wide range of stickers, labels, barcode stickers, and multi-country band labels, as well as layout, production and application services, and packaging, repackaging, cleaning, removal of old labels, and vacuuming of all goods.

Delivery of Goods

We deliver goods and customised packages from our warehouse within 24/48 hours to more than 7,000 points of sale in Lithuania. We can collect and deliver finished shipments (from small packages to multiple pallets) according to an agreed schedule or by express delivery.

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