MV GROUP Logistics’ Technological Transformation Was Appreciated by Both Employees and Customers

MV GROUP Logistics’ Technological Transformation Was Appreciated by Both Employees and Customers

MV GROUP Logistics together with its partners UAB RASO and Quantum Qguar Sp. z o.o. has completed the implementation of a new warehouse management system Qguar WMS in its logistics center. The new system allows to automate warehouse operations, increases their efficiency, improves the quality of warehouse operations, while fulfilling customer orders, as well as provides new process monitoring, analysis and management capabilities. The logistics company has invested around 400 thousand EUR in the advanced technological solution.

The new warehouse management system (WMS) in MV GROUP Logistics premises became fully operational at the very beginning of the quarantine. Although the innovation introduced in the company required intensive team training and close cooperation with partners, the company’s managing director Raimondas Vyšniauskas is pleased that even under quarantine conditions, it was possible to ensure that the processes went smoothly from the beginning. Meanwhile, it was already clear in the first weeks that the implemented technology paid off.

“We have been using the new warehouse management system for some time and we see the obvious benefits of the solution. In particular, efficiency indicators have risen sharply, making work much faster and more productive: the trends show that in the near future we will be able to enjoy even 20% more efficient order preparation. In addition, although we are still “domesticating” the new technology, it has already allowed us to minimize the number of human errors, so that we have set a reasonable goal to achieve as high as 99.93 percent order fulfillment quality. This gives us a particularly strong competitive advantage” says Vyšniauskas.

Successfully implemented WMS manages the receipt of goods in the warehouse, storage locations with addresses, movement of goods in the warehouse, as well as performs order collection, inspection and assembly tasks, helps to automatically prioritize and distribute tasks to employees, organize goods unloading and efficiently manage human resources.

Vyšniauskas notes that the employees of the logistics center have quickly adapted to innovations and are actively using more convenient technological solutions, for example, they receive goods via a mobile terminal using a scanner, and having a terminal on their wrist and a scanner on their finger they can pick goods with both hands. For their part, truck drivers use long-range scanners and task terminals that can be used without getting out of the cab, having screens that show them exactly what tasks they have to perform. Warehouse managers immediately receive complete information about the status of work performed and employee efficiency indicators.

More benefits for customers

Vyšniauskas, the head of the logistics company, points out that customers can also see data on the status of warehouse operations, product balances in the warehouse, expiration dates of goods. Such extensive functionality helps them make the right decisions and optimize their supply chain.

MV GROUP Logistics, a company serving manufacturers and traders, has been preparing to work with the new warehouse management system for a year and a half. The initial preparatory work for the system began in August 2018, when a document on the functional requirements of the system was prepared and the selection of partners took place. This was followed by other stages: system preparation, testing and step-by-step work with the system by connecting different customers – such companies as Lithuanian Snacks, Momentin Lietuva, Medipresa, Dr. Oetker Lietuva, Mineraliniai vandenys and others.

Throughout one month, from the 22,000-square-meter logistics center managed by the company the cargo leaves to approximately 6,600 different destinations, with a warehouse management system collecting up to 350,000 order lines.

Unique partner solutions

In its technological transformation MV GROUP Logistics was assisted by partners UAB RASO and Quantum Qguar, who offered unique software solutions and equipment that met company‘s needs. Ričardas Tamašiūnas, the head of RASO’s sales department, says that this project marks shift in the entire Baltic market, where stagnation has been observed for a long time due to the extremely monopolistic situation in the installation of warehouse management systems.

“Our long-term partnership with MV GROUP Logistics provides an opportunity to be part of innovative solutions and to prove that over the decade we have become the market leader in the so-called AutoID (barcode scanning, printing equipment, industrial computers, PDAs, etc.), representing leading brands , such as Casio, Honeywell, PointMobile or Zebra” says Tamašiūnas.

Equally important to this project was Quantum Qguar’s contribution, as its specialists offered extremely high-quality software solutions that could optimize and ensure the smooth operation of a complex system. “By delving into the client’s current and future needs, we have set a goal to invite a company to the market that can offer a wide range of modern solutions. Therefore, I am now very pleased that Quantum Qguar solutions are working successfully and reliably in our country, proving their value” says Tamašiūnas, Head of RASO sales department.

For more than 20 years, Quantum Qguar has been developing IT systems for companies with extremely high demands on logistics and supply chain process management. Throughout its years of operation, Quantum has become one of the leading manufacturers in the Eastern and Central European region in the development of specialized logistics information systems. Several hundred system installation projects implemented by Quantum specialists in Eastern and Western Europe justify the company’s long-term experience and the quality of system development.

The Qguar system is the flagship of the company’s products, which are designed to manage supply chain flows. Quantum Qguar has developed information systems solutions for every stage of the supply chain. The product portfolio includes a number of information systems: Warehouse Management System (Qguar WMS), Yard Management System (Qguar YMS), Transport Management System (Qguar TMS), Production Execution System (MES Qguar) and Advanced Planning System (Qguar APS).

“Quantum Qguar allows you to select the most functionally and ergonomically suitable equipment for each warehouse task. The most technologically advanced equipment and software installed by MV GROUP Logistics contribute to an even more efficient operation of the logistics center” Tamašiūnas is convinced.

The changes do not end there

In addition to the warehouse management system, MV GROUP Logistics has also installed a modern video surveillance system in the logistics center, which records the actions of each employee in the warehouse during the assigned tasks. According to the head of the company Vyšniauskas, this guarantees full traceability of the actions of the warehouse employees from the acceptance of the task to its full completion. In the future, the company plans to integrate warehouse and video management systems and thus improve the transmission of visual information and ensure high-quality performance of warehouse operations.

In addition, Vyšniauskas, the head of MV GROUP Logistics, points out that the company’s further plans include the implementation of a yard management system, which will help to better manage the flows of incoming and outgoing goods at the ramps of the logistics center. It is also planned to further develop the Track-POD transport management system by expanding its functionality and focusing on the automation of transport planning and management processes.

“The results of the installed Track-POD Transport Management System are already delightful – the system has made significant changes in the planning of delivery routes. After installing the system, drivers delivering orders arrange part of the operations with just a few clicks on their phone, for example, accept the recipient’s electronic signature and create electronic waybills” says manager Vyšniauskas, whose company provides complex 3PL services to businesses in Lithuania.

In addition to warehousing, collecting orders and other warehousing services (including excise warehouse), MV GROUP Logistics provides value-added goods preparation services, from labeling to packaging of promotional goods, as well as delivers goods to recipients on optimally planned routes. MV GROUP Logistics sends more than 4 thousand tons of cargo per month: mainly beverages, snacks, food products, hygiene products, press, books and other products.