‘Voruta’ fruit wine receives EU funding for Asia sales development

‘Voruta’ fruit wine receives EU funding for Asia sales development

MV Group partners with LITAO to introduce ‘fruit wine’ category to Asian consumers.

Managed by Baltic Gastronomy Leaders, EU-funded project ‘Europe Shares’ has selected ‘Voruta’ to represent Europe’s cultural heritage, highest safety and quality standards. Throughout the duration of the project, the products will be introduced to consumers in Hong Kong through trade-shows and curated match-making sessions.

“We have performed some professional events and held a few tastings already, and the feedback is exceptionally positive. The distributors are impressed with the consistency of the quality, color and taste, and the consumers like the updated packaging design of the ‘Blossom’ line as well as its focus on authenticity and being 100% natural.” – Mona Men, Hong Kong Market Entry Manager at LITAO

“For a few years already I was looking to find a good opportunity to present ‘Voruta’ to the Asian partners. I personally like this drink a lot because of its 100+ years history and because of its cuteness and lightness. I always look forward to warm sunny days in spring to go out and grab a glass of fruit wine with friends. I think the booming ‘she economy’ in Asia is going to welcome this drink with excitement and joy!” – Ernesta Varneliene, MV GROUP Head of Asia Exports

For more information, reach out to or look at www.litaogroup.com.