Bottlery offers 25 types of panettone for Christmas business gifts

Bottlery offers 25 types of panettone for Christmas business gifts

Lithuanian retail chain Bottlery is ready for Christmas – they have added new goods to their business gift assortment and now offer 25 types of Italian cult cake panettone.

According to Bottlery retail assortment managing chief Margarita Kromienė, a decision to expand the supply of panettone holiday cakes was based on the demand of clients. During the last three years, sales of this dessert went up by 86 percent. Its popularity as a Christmas business gift constantly grows.

“We offer different types of panettone cake for our clients for a decade already. During this time we tasted cakes made by almost all existing panettone suppliers ourselves, we have watchfully and consistently studied the market of this cult dessert, – says M. Kromienė. – As we know all the subtleties of its making and taste very well, we offer only the highest quality products. This year we have doubled our range of this cake.“

As Christmas is coming, Bottlery offers a lot of new panettone types for the clients. They can find Scarpato cakes with gin and lemon or rum and chocolate and Pandoro cakes with chocolate or limoncello in the assortment. Also, healthier choices of cake for those in need are available as well: panettone made of full grain flour, lactose-free panettone, seasonal cakes with pumpkins, apples or perries, and vegan options with plant-based condiments – all these can be found in Bottlery stores.

“We have a very special new type of cake in our assortment this year – we offer a limited edition, Scarpato, with gin and lemon. This cake is unique due to innovative production technology – a baked and cooled cake is filled with freshly made cream by special confectionary needles. Therefore, cream evenly fills the pastry, – says M. Kromienė. – The amount of these cakes in Bottlery stores is limited while the additional orders are not available already, so those who would like to present it as a gift for business partners or would like to have a special holiday dessert for themselves, have to act fast now.”

Unique packaging design

Bottlery offers panettone cakes of different sizes – from 100 g to 2 kg or even 5 kg. However, taste and quality are not the only features that make these cakes stand out. Original packaging made especially for Bottlery makes this cake an extraordinary gift. This year 4 new metal box designs were created for the “Panettone Classic Limited Edition” line. Different styles of these designs let customers find the one which suits them the best.

“These cake boxes are made especially for Bottlery. It is impossible to find them anywhere else. We greatly appreciate the possibility to pack these cakes in our very own boxes – it shows that cake makers trust us as partners. It lets us popularise these cakes in Lithuania, – says M. Kromienė. – We trust the Lithuanian designers who created different packaging designs based on the needs of our clients and design trends. As we were creating these boxes, our goal was to bring comfort to our customers – therefore the packaging is ready-to-present as a Christmas gift. Also, we combine matching gift bags and silk paper to compliment the packaging.”

Unique packaging designs for panettone cakes are created in Lithuania – by the head of products creation of MV Group, Jūratė Paulauskienė, and the design agency Critical. This team worked on these designs for the third year in a row.

“Panettone Classic Limited Edition“ cakes packed in holiday-themed boxes are one of our best-sellers during the Christmas season. A ready-to-present packaging and its unique design let its popularity grow, – says M. Kromienė. – Specially made Christmas gift sets of cakes, gourmet snacks, and other sweets are popular as well.” Unique panettone cakes are available in Bottlery stores all over Lithuania. An even larger assortment of cakes, sweets, and other snacks which can become a special Christmas gift is available in Bottlery e-shop: