MV GROUP donates a lung ventilator for Vilnius to fight coronavirus

MV GROUP donates a lung ventilator for Vilnius to fight coronavirus

Corporate group MV GROUP is making a significant contribution to the fight against coronavirus in Lithuania – in response to a shortage of medical equipment in the country, the company has decided to buy highly needed lung ventilator, which the company will donate to Vilnius city municipality.

The decision to buy a life-saving lung ventilator was made by MV GROUP as soon as it became aware of the current need. MV GROUP signed the purchase and donation of the equipment to Vilnius City Municipality agreements on Thursday. The cost of this lung ventilator is close to 10,000 euros.

“Together with the world today we are going through a difficult time where it is crucially important to be united and take care of each other. We are a responsible business with an interest in contributing to the well-being of society and we are making every effort to stop coronavirus spread in Lithuania as soon as possible. The lung ventilator is an essential tool for treating and saving the lives of those patients who develop serious illness, therefore, we are doing our best that the ventilator would reach Lithuania as soon as possible” says Marijus Cilcius, CEO of MV GROUP, urging other responsible businesses in the country to follow.

It is planned that Crossvent 3+ lung ventilator will reach Lithuania very soon. Upon receipt of the ventilator, MV GROUP will immediately donate it to the Vilnius city municipality, which will transfer the equipment to the medical institution in greatest need.

To this point, Vilnius city municipality has already purchased 4 lung ventilators at its own expense, and 10 more have been reserved. Lithuanian business also decided to buy some of the reserved ventilators. Because of the immense demand for the equipment, business support is expected in order to acquire more of it.

“MV GROUP” – established in 1992, it is one of the largest corporate groups in the Baltic States. Over a few decades, a small mineral water store has evolved into a vigorous and innovative corporate which manages companies operating in 4 areas. The manufacturing sector includes “Stumbras”, “Alita”, “Anyksčių vynas” and “Gubernija” factories; “MV GROUP Distribution” is responsible for the distribution of goods in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland; logistics is the responsibility of “MV GROUP Logistics”; “Bottlery” and “Nespresso” stores are engaged in retail.