MV GROUP Production to produce disinfectant liquid – the first batch will be donated for employees and regions

MV GROUP Production to produce disinfectant liquid – the first batch will be donated for employees and regions

MV GROUP Production, one of the largest beverage production companies in the Baltic region, is starting the production of disinfectant fluid at “Stumbras” factory this week. Realizing the rapidly growing need for protective measures, the company began preparing to produce disinfectant as soon as the nationwide quarantine was announced. Already the next day, the factory began preparing to launch the production of disinfectant fluid. Separate production facilities are being installed, which are scheduled to be completed in a record time – two weeks.

It is planned to produce from 400 thousand to 1 million liters of disinfectant fluid at Stumbras factory in April. The exact production capacity will depend on the dynamic situation in the raw materials market. For its part, MV GROUP Production will make every effort to increase the disinfectant fluid production volumes.

Currently, Stumbras factory is being prepared for the production process: special, fully insulated and well-ventilated premises meeting high safety standards are installed here to avoid any contact with other production of the plant.

“As coronavirus continues to spread in Lithuania, the need for protective measures is rapidly increasing. In response to the growing demand for such products, we are leveraging our manufacturing capabilities and launching the production of disinfectant fluid. We are a responsible business, therefore, first we will provide our employees and the towns where our factories operate with free fluid. We are aware that in the regions the need for disinfectant is also big” says Algirdas Čiburys, CEO of MV GROUP Production.

The company will donate part of the first batch of disinfected liquid to Kaunas, Alytus, Anykščiai and Šiauliai city municipalities. “We have no doubt that leaders of these cities will distribute disinfectant fluid to the target institutions responsibly, taking into account the perceived need” says Čiburys.

Afterwards, the disinfectant fluid produced at Stumbras factory will be sold to hospitals and other priority institutions. Institutions wishing to purchase disinfectant fluid may contact via email or phone +370 614 51479.

Finally, the company will distribute disinfectant fluid to the public via Bottlery, a retail chain owned by MV GROUP, Anykščių vynas and Gubernija official stores and company‘s trading partners. Mass sale of the disinfectant fluid produced by MV GROUP Production is scheduled to begin in the second week of April. In order to prevent people from gathering during quarantine period, the liquid will not be sold at the Stumbras factory store.

Stumbras plant will produce disinfectant fluid of the highest quality, mixed according to the formula provided by the Ministry of Health and recommended by the World Health Organization. Stumbras will also produce denatured ethyl alcohol, a raw material for the production of disinfectant fluid.

At first, the disinfectant liquid will be dispensed into packages of 1 liter and 5 liters. Soon, it is planned to decide also on packages of 1000 liters. According to Čiburys, in this way the company seeks to meet the needs of medical institutions and organizations.

The production of disinfectant fluid is one of the many measures taken by MV GROUP, corporate group holding MV GROUP Production, to combat coronavirus consequences. Last week, MV GROUP decided to buy a highly needed lung ventilator which was donated to Vilnius City Municipality.

This week, the corporate group also began distributing its manufactured and distributed goods to the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, the 1808 hotline volunteers and ambulance personnel. The first food rations reached the target groups by the beginning of this week and MV Group intends to continue supplying them regularly.