MV GROUP has updated its visual identity

MV GROUP has updated its visual identity

MV GROUP celebrates the year 2020 by updating its visual identity – company introduced a new logo and corporate identity. A branding studio Godspeed was instrumental in implementing the change.

The new MV GROUP logo is made up of a company name and a pink hexagon symbol, each corner representing individual companies belonging to the business group and MV GROUP itself. The merging lines visible in the hexagon symbolize synergy, interconnection between companies and harmonious work together.

The logos of MV GROUP subsidiaries – MV GROUP Production, MV GROUP Distribution, MV GROUP Logistics, MV GROUP Retail, MV GROUP Asset Management – have also been updated.

According to Kristina Sakavičienė, Head of Corporate Affairs at MV GROUP, the new logo aims to better reflect the Group’s character as well as its prevailing values, working principles and culture.

“MV GROUP is characterized by its drive and desire to move forward, as well as unity, team spirit and a strong focus on the quality of its products and services. The new visual identity of the Group helps to better communicate collaboration between different companies, teams and people. Having a team of professionals from different disciplines enables us to create exceptional products and services which also greatly contributes to the business development. The new style allows us to be versatile – both solid, when the color is intended only to enliven, and playful, when we want to look back at the team – colorful, charismatic and bright” says Kristina Sakavičienė.

For his part, Dovydas Stonkus, Design Manager at branding studio Godspeed, said that one of the key tasks in updating the MV GROUP visual identity was to maintain links with the earlier brand of the Group.

“In designing the new logo, we aimed not only to better reflect the character and values ​​of the company, but also to give it a sense of vividness and freshness. Therefore, one of the biggest changes is the refreshed, highlighted colors and the newly added shades. In addition, the logo update retains the graphic multi-layered symbol shape as well as the same title and symbol composition. As one logo symbol had to be applied to as many as six companies, we were looking for conceptual solutions that could be easily extended and used to develop other corporate identity attributes” said Dovydas Stonkus.