Anykščių Vynas starts purchasing the apple harvest

Anykščių Vynas starts purchasing the apple harvest

This year’s apple harvest is late, but is expected to be abundant. So this week, Anykščių Vynas, one of the largest apple collectors in Lithuania, is already waiting for Lithuanian apples. The factory is purchasing the fruit at market price and welcomes all growers who want to sell 500 kilograms or more of different types of apples. The apples are used by Anykščių Vynas 100 % of the time to produce juice, wine, cider, concentrate and other products.

Liubovė Rebiatnikova, Production Director of Anykščių Vynas, notes that, like last year, the apple harvest started late this year, but is expected to be solid. “It has been a really unusual year, with a late and cooler summer that ended with a real heat wave. However, we are hearing from our long-term growing partners that there is a lot of fruit this year, so we are ready to purchase a large quantity of apples at market prices and will be open until November if necessary,” says Rebiatnikova.

Purchasing is extremely simple

Both owners of larger orchards and individual growers can sell apples to Anykščių Vynas. The most important thing is that 500 kilograms of fruit or more are sold per wagon. No special contracts are required, just pre-registration by calling +370 686 64480. In this way, growers who bring apples are recorded in the electronic queue management system, which also prepares all the necessary purchase documents.

“The electronic queue management system has been in place at our factory’s collection centre since 2019 and has really proved its worth. Once registered, farmers can choose a convenient arrival time and the registration process takes an average of 5 minutes, so there is no delay, the process is simple, fast and convenient,” says the factory director.

Lithuanian apples are the most valuable

The factory prefers apples grown in Lithuania and tries to buy as many as possible, because they are of a higher quality and have a better taste than imported apples.

“There are many old, long-established apple orchards in Lithuania and their fruit is more valuable because it is ripe and more acidic. They are the ones from which we extract the juice concentrates with a stronger flavour, and they are very suitable for our other beverages,” notes Rebiatnikova.

Anykščių Vynas also uses the apples it buys to produce natural wines, ciders, juices, natural flavourings and pomace. These products reach not only the shelves of Lithuanian shops, but also a number of foreign countries, such as France, Germany, Austria, distant Japan and others.

The factory is looking for employees

The start of the apple harvest has led to more intensive work at the Anykščių Vynas factory, and more staff are needed. The factory is currently looking for both seasonal and permanent workers.

“The next few months could be really busy, so we are preparing for this in advance and looking for employees who could join our team on a temporary basis. We also have openings for long-term employees – we are looking for foremen and other specialists and technicians: mechanics, electricians, plant adjusters,” says Ms Rebiatnikova.

For additional or permanent work at Anykščių Vynas, please apply by calling +370 682 72632 or sending your CV to .

The Anykščių Vynas factory, managed by MV GROUP Production, is a wine producer with a long tradition in Lithuania, operating since 1926. Anykščių Vynas buys more than 20 000 tonnes of harvest from Lithuania and neighbouring countries every year. Currently, the factory employs 94 people.