Gubernija Helps the City of Šiauliai to Fight the Coronavirus: Different Support Given to Medics, Officers and Others

Gubernija Helps the City of Šiauliai to Fight the Coronavirus: Different Support Given to Medics, Officers and Others

The Gubernijos brewery, located in Šiauliai and managed by MV GROUP Production, responds to the situation in the country with supporting doctors, officers and institutions fighting the coronavirus in Šiauliai region. This week, a consignment of medical devices purchased by Gubernija reached the Šiauliai County Hospital, and the city municipality was provided with disinfectant fluid. Gubernija also provides its production to doctors and officers.

“The spread of coronavirus in Lithuania is a serious challenge for everyone in this country. Current situation requires communal focus and effort. We are not indifferent to the situation either. Gubernija is a part of socially responsible business sincerely taking care of our hometown Šiauliai. Over the last centuries, we have repeatedly aided this city during any difficult time, for example in post-war or interwar years and during the occupation. This disturbing phase is no exception: now Gubernija seeks to contribute to ensuring the safety of the population and makes every effort to support medics, officers and general population of Šiauliai region. We aim that they would not lack the necessary safeguards and supplies,” says Algirdas Čiburys, CEO of “MV GROUP Production”.

While organizing the support, Gubernija tried to meet the priority needs of people who are maintaining the safety of the residents of Šiauliai.

For example, the Šiauliai County Hospital was provided with 500 face shields for medical personnel in order to protect them from the risk of infection. Used in combination with respirators and special goggles, clear plastic shields are preventing from airborne virus and can be used more than a few times if properly disinfected.

On Thursday, the support signed on behalf of Gubernija also reached Šiauliai City Municipality. In total, the city of Šiauliai received 1,000 liters of disinfectant produced by MV GROUP Production. Disinfecant will be responsibly distributed by local government leaders to the target institutions operating in the city, according to the needs.

While on Friday, police officers on duty, ensuring security in the city and compliance with the quarantine, were reached by material support of Gubernija. In total, 1,800 cans of Gubernija kvass were distributed to police representatives. More than 1,500 kvass cans also reached doctors working in Šiauliai.