“MV GROUP“ donates 10,000 euros to “Radarom“ campaign in support Ukraine

“MV GROUP“ donates 10,000 euros to “Radarom“ campaign in support Ukraine

“MV GROUP”, joining the “Radarom” campaign in support of Ukraine, has donated EUR 10,000 for the purchase of multifunctional tactical radars. The Group hopes that the donation will help accelerate Ukraine’s victory in the war against Russia.

“We condemn Russian military aggression and look forward to witnessing Ukraine’s victory. We are very grateful to LRT and the organisations “Blue/Yellow”, “Laisves TV”, “1K Foundation” and “Strong Together” for this ambitious initiative and the opportunity to be part of it. At the same time, we hope to inspire other businesses in Lithuania by our example and to reach the campaign’s goal of raising EUR 5 million to purchase radars even sooner than expected,” says Marijus Cilcius, CEO of “MV GROUP”.

“MV GROUP” has supported Ukraine before. On the same day that Russia went to war, “MV GROUP’s” company “MV GROUP Distribution LT”, then known as “Mineraliniai vandenys”, stopped importing Russian and Belarusian products into Lithuania, and “MV GROUP Production”, a company managed by the group, stopped exporting to Russia and Belarus.

In May, “MV GROUP Production”, announced an initiative called “For Your Own! For Ukraine”, during which the company’s “Gubernija” brewery decorated the wall of a Soviet heritage building in Šiauliai with a piece of art representing support for Ukrainians. During the campaign, “Gubernija” brewery also encouraged the public to raise funds for the “Our Hands and Hearts – for Ukraine” organization.

“MV GROUP” is one of the largest business groups in the Baltic States, managing “MV GROUP Distribution LT”, “MV GROUP Production” and “MV GROUP Logistics” in Lithuania.