140,000 Euro investment into more sustainable MV GROUP Logistics solutions

140,000 Euro investment into more sustainable MV GROUP Logistics solutions

New building management and lighting systems that provide sustainable consumption were installed in MV GROUP Logistics center to increase the resources usage effectiveness. An investment of 140,000 Euro will let the company save 25,000 Euro a year while using 74.000 KWh less electric power and noticeably reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) which is harmful to the environment.

According to MV GROUP Logistics managing director Raimondas Vyšniauskas, investment into sustainability is a part of the company’s strategy implemented to increase its competitive advantage. It is made to create a better dynamic business environment for the clients and partners who value up-to-date and internationally approved solutions.

“We operate in the international markets, therefore our position on sustainability is being evaluated thoroughly. Our ambitions and the expectations of potential clients oblige us to consistently implement solutions that make our practice more sustainable. It is very relevant to continue our established partnerships with international companies and to seek the new ones, as our partners value sustainability and its prospect as a necessary criterion“, – says R. Vyšniauskas.

He adds that MV GROUP Logistics is comprehensively implementing sustainability-based solutions for the three last years already. It all started from installing robotics and digitalization into its daily operations, and now, in parallel to that, the company seeks to lower its energy resource usage and also considers using green energy in the future.

Smart buildings management system and upgraded lighting

The latest investment in sustainable usage of MV GROUP Logistics logistics center’s infrastructure was implemented according to a long-term cooperation contract made with the owner of the building.

Modern buildings management systems of approximately 60,000 Euro in value were installed in a center of 22 thousand square meters. According to the company’s representatives, these systems will let to save up to 15,000 Euro of bills for gas and electricity.

“The installed system is closely related to smart control methods. If it’s adjusted properly, this system lets not only significantly reduces the usage of electric power and the losses experienced in generating it but also ensures more comfort for the employees. They can create a wanted microclimate in different spaces – they can control the temperature, lighting, air quality, and humidity there. Also, it makes technical maintenance and service easier as specialists can monitor systems, analyze and regulate them remotely at any time of the day”, – says R. Vyšniauskas.

Meanwhile, newly installed LED lighting with motion detectors provides an opportunity to reduce electric power usage for it by 42 percent while increasing the illumination in the warehouse by 70 percent.

80,000 Euro were invested into the new lighting system which will let the company reduce expenses for electricity by approximately 10,000 Euro.

“This system will also let us use the resources more sustainably as the lighting will turn on automatically only when a person is in the room. Thus, the resources will be used only intentionally and only in need. The common capacity of lighting power in the logistics center was 61 kW while LED lighting system needs 28 percent energy – only 43 kW”, – says the managing director of MV GROUP Logistics.

Yard management system is next

An innovative yard management system will be installed in the logistics center soon. MV GROUP Logistics will invest approximately 25,000 Euro in it. This system lets effectively controls flows of transport that are coming into the warehouse and leaving it as it manages the yard, loading docks, and loading duration.

“This system provides an opportunity for suppliers, clients, and carriers to register their visit for production pick-up or drop-off online, to reserve the ramp, to edit the reservations, and gives a lot of functionalities for employees and partners. Among the most important features provided by this system is a comfortable planning of transport flows and ramp busyness, effective managing of work, tracking the service acts and time, and higher efficiency because of even distribution of work”, – says R. Vyšniauskas.

MV GROUP Logistics together with partners UAB RASO and Quantum Qguar Sp. z o.o. installed a new warehouse management system Qguar WMS in the company’s logistics center. It lets automize operations in the warehouse and increases their efficiency, also it improves the quality of warehouse operations needed to fulfill clients’ orders. The company invested approximately 400,000 Euro in this technological solution.

Among services of storage, order gathering, and other warehouse solutions, MV GROUP Logistics provides a VAT production preparation for commerce service. The company offers services of labeling the packages, packaging discounted goods, and delivers products to receivers in optimally planned routes. MV GROUP Logistics sends more than 4,000 tones of shipments on average per month – beverages, food, hygiene products, press, and books mostly.