Temporary quarantine regulations have been introduced in MV GROUP

Temporary quarantine regulations have been introduced in MV GROUP

MV GROUP, one of the largest corporate groups in the Baltic States, has approved new temporary regulations defining the operations of the Group companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. Along with the spread of the Covid-19 virus worldwide, operations of MV GROUP companies are continued and developed, but in the implementation of preventive measures, the work of some units is organized in a different mode than usual.

“Together with the world today, we are going through a difficult time as we have to adapt to new living and working conditions. Throughout our long-term company group experience, we have encountered difficult situations more than once, but our strength has always been and remains the maximum focus of the entire team, adherence to agreements and making the right decisions. All of this has allowed us to ensure business continuity, to move forward, to take and retain leadership for years. This case is no exception – and we are taking decisive action on it” says Marijus Cilcius, CEO of MV GROUP.

Under the order of the CEO, taking into account the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the authorities of other countries, the work of the companies united by MV GROUP during the quarantine period are, as far as possible, organized remotely. This preventive measure applies to administrative departments of all MV GROUP companies and foreign units, as well as to employees who have the opportunity to continue working without having to visit the workplace.

The production units of Stumbras, Alita, Gubernija and Anykščių Vynas, which are united by MV GROUP Production, as well as employees of MV GROUP Logistics other than the administration, continue to operate as usual. Also all physical stores Bottlery continue to operate as usual

In accordance with the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, during the quarantine period the operation of the visitor centers, as well as retail activities in the branded factory salons in Alytus, Anykščiai, Šiauliai and Kaunas and all physical stores Nespresso is suspended. The Nespresso e-shop will continue to operate and serve customers as usual.

The business processes organized by Mineraliniai Vandenys continue as usual, but the HoReCa division activity in Lithuania is temporarily suspended – scheduled events and business trips are postponed.

In order to ensure the safety of MV GROUP employees, customers and partners, MV GROUP also strictly adheres to the Ministry of Health’s quarantine recommendations – ensuring surface disinfection and ventilation of premises, staff is required to maintain a safe distance and to avoid physical contact. Self-isolation is mandatory when returning from abroad or after being in contact with recent travelers. Supplementary protective measures are applied in workplaces of a higher risk profile. “As a responsible business and employer, we do our best to protect our people, partners and customers from external threats. We all ask you to follow the recommendations, keep yourself and everyone near safe” says Marijus Cilcius.