Record breaking 2 m Euro investment at Gubernija to set the highest standards

Record breaking 2 m Euro investment at Gubernija to set the highest standards

Šiauliai Gubernija brewery continues to overhaul and add to operations momentum. In carrying out strategic changes and pursuing ambitious export markets expansion, brewery’s owner, one of the largest drinks producer in the Baltics MV GROUP Production will allocate record investment to Gubernija – over 2 m Euro.

“Modern equipment, advanced technologies, long production traditions and professional team gives the brewery the foundation to add muscle and advance into export markets both with existing and new products. In the course of three years since the brewery acquisition we continue to invest in order to make Gubernija brand more recognizable and competitive in national and foreign markets and more dependable among consumers. Double digit growth in export provide evidence that we are on the right track”, says Algirdas Čiburys, CEO of MV GROUP Production.

According to him, Gubernija has the objective of retaining hundred years old heritage, traditional unique compound solutions and natural ingredients-based drinks production. On the other hand, the investment open avenues to increase productivity, bottle drinks  into new packaging and attain highest quality standards. Likewise, advanced technologies and process management ensures sustainable solutions, more efficient environment protection and resource management as well as workforce motivation and employment satisfaction.

A.Čiburys maintains that record investment will allow for a substantial overhauling of the brewery’s equipment by the end of the year. For instance, new can bottling-rolling line will ensure better quality bottling, will cut production and canning losses, will increase line productivity from 12.5 thousand units to 20 thousand units per hour. Likewise, drinks will be bottled into new 200 ml and 330 ml cans.

“By setting ambitious goals and assessing quality production demand potential we have decided to acquire the most advanced equipment manufactured by world leader in the field – German Krones AG. It will be the most advanced line in the entire region and will serve for a decade or more”, says A.Čiburys.

The new production line in Šiauliai will add new jobs. Already Gubernija looks for production master and junior technologist to join the team. Other vacancies are open as well: production operators, adjusters, product preparers, lab personnel, electricians-automatics.

“We ae fully aware, that brewery is, first and foremost, its people – production quality, progress of the enterprise, customers attitude towards Gubernija production as well as business growth depends upon their competence and devotion. Therefore we walk extra mile to create motivating and engaging environment and encourage teammates to follow and nurture Gubernija heritage traditions”, says A.Čiburys.

Manufacturers believe that customers will not fail to notice big changes related to the facility’s modernization and production overhaul – new design packaging and exclusive new flavors will hit store shelves soon. In addition, a product novelty will soon join the existing 8 drinks portfolio.

Last year Gubernija brewery produced over 8.7 m liters of beer and 6.7 m liters of kvass. Compared to 2019 beer production grew by 79%, while kvass – 12 percent.

Last year Gubernija products went to 15 countries in 3 continents. Largest export went to Germany, USA and Poland, while Lithuanian products made in Šiauliai reached customers in UK, Ireland, Italy, Russia and even China.

According to A.Čiburys, intense cooperation with export partners allowed for a breakthrough in major foreign markets, particularly in the US. “During one yea export to the United States grew by one third, 4.6% of total Gubernija exports went to the US”, says General Manager of MV GROUP Production. 

A.Čiburys considers very important the contract concluded with one of the largest US retailers Publix. Last fall 20 stores of this chain started offering Gubernija bread kvass. Thus Lithuanian produce managed to proceed from ethnic stores to major grounds more visible and attended by local consumers, and this should help to gain foothold in the third largest Florida state soft drinks market.

Brewery has heard already positive impressions from Americans, who have discovered Lithuanian product which is offered in the US market in new design 500 ml glass bottles and aluminum cans. “Gubernija bread kvass is unique not only in the US but Lithuania as well – almost all kvass brands are malt based, while ours is made in an exclusive way – from the bread baked and toasted for us”, says A.Čiburys who is certain that there are favorable conditions to expand customer base both nationally and abroad. The manager is convinced that joint undertakings with other drink facilities managed and owned by MV GROUP Production in Lithuania will open new vistas for Gubernija to create and offer to customers new products.