Opening of Nespresso boutique in Vilnius attracted many coffee-loving celebrities

Opening of Nespresso boutique in Vilnius attracted many coffee-loving celebrities

On Thursday, the first Nespresso coffee boutique in the Baltic states was opened in Vilnius. The opening ceremony in the G9 mall was attended by famous people from the business and entertainment world, who have been a loyal fans of this Swiss brand for many years. 

“The community of premium-quality coffee lovers in Lithuania is increasing very rapidly. The Nespresso Club already has 10,000 registered members. We are happy to be able to grant them even more opportunities to talk, share experience, participate in tasting sessions and personal consultations that will take place in our boutique in Vilnius,” says Donatas Zykus, Head of E-Commerce for Baltic States at Nespresso.

At the opening, the guests could taste a wide range of Nespresso comprising 24 types of coffee, not including the limited-edition coffee of which around 10 more types are added every year. 

“Every capsule contains premium-quality coffee, and the technical solutions of its preparation ensure explicit sense of taste and perfect coffee foam. With one coffee machine you can experience a very wide range of tastes and intensity: starting the day with Espresso, drinking a larger cup of Lungo in the afternoon, and enjoying decaffeinated coffee in the evening,” says Mr Zykus. According to him, Nespresso allows every coffee lover to create unique, personal coffee-drinking rituals. And the coffee professionals working at the G9 boutique are always ready to help their customers learn something new about coffee, presenting the latest trends and sharing experience.

“The Nespresso brand in the Baltic states ensures not only the highest-level customer experience, but also spreads the idea of sustainability. We give provide our customers with every opportunity to enjoy the premium coffee and later smoothly and conveniently give used capsules away for recycling,” notes Brema Drohan, Head of Poland and Baltic States at Nespresso. All Nespresso coffee is made from the beens grown in certified farms. The company consistently makes big investments in order to help the farms become eco-friendly and the local communities develop in a sustainable way.

Etiquette specialist Giedrius Drukteinis, who hosted the opening event, highlights that the Nespresso coffee is another benchmark of Swiss quality that can be experienced by more and more people in Lithuania. “The Nespresso boutique in Vilnius is a significant recognition of the Lithuanian market, promoting further progress of the coffee-drinking culture and also marking the maturity of local coffee lovers. This brand ensures the highest quality and a palette of exceptional tastes, enveloping consumers with an aura of exclusivity and sophistication,” Mr Drukteinis has said. 

Similar thoughts were also shared by Liucina Rimgailė and Tadas Rimgaila, Jolita Vaitkutė and Silvestras Dikčius, Martynas Tyla and Neringa Zeleniūtė, Aleksandras Pogrebnojus, Dominykas Kubilius, Laura Paukštė, Martynas Praškevičius and other guests that came to the Nespresso boutique at the G9 mall to get to know the famous brand better and have new experiences, of which there were plenty that evening.

Nespresso entered the Baltic market at the end of 2017 when Mineraliniai vandenys owned by MV GROUP established an online store of this coffee and its coffee machines after acquiring Nespresso distribution rights.

In January next year, the company plans to open a second Nespresso boutique in Vilnius – coffee lovers will be able to gather in the Panorama mall where currently a tasting stand is available.