MV GROUP Production Invests €1 Million in the Anykščių Vynas Wine Factory

MV GROUP Production Invests €1 Million in the Anykščių Vynas Wine Factory

Nearly €1 million – this is the amount that MV GROUP Production is planning to invest in their Anykščių Vynas wine factory in 2021. Most of the planned investments will be allocated for the development of the factory’s cold cellar, as well as the renovation of the laboratory.

According to Algirdas Čiburys, CEO of MV GROUP Production, the need for solid investment was determined by the particularly rapid development of Anykščių Vynas production.

“In 2020 alone, the production volumes of Anykščių Vynas increased by 36% compared to the previous year. We witnessed the largest jump in production in wine category (85 percent), as well as cider (57 percent) and natural juices (20 percent)” says Čiburys.

According to Nielsen data, the brand Voruta has a 7% market share in sales in the natural fermentation wine category in Lithuania. It is currently the No. 1 wine brand in the country in terms of sales, value and volume, based on 2020 data from Nielsen’s modern retail chains research.

According to the CEO, the expansion of production volumes was partly due to the strengthening position in foreign markets. Last year, Anykščių Vynas launched three new export directions – Lithuanian products began to be sold in Japan, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

Revenue from sales of products under the Voruta brand in foreign countries alone jumped by almost 90%, and in Lithuania the brand has also become the absolute leader in the sector. Meanwhile, the total growth of MV GROUP Production’s export sales revenue exceeds 30%.

“In addition, after installing a modern production line costing more than €0.6 million in the factory, we significantly expanded the basket of our products – over the past two years, Anykščių Vynas has provided consumers with the most product novelties from all factories managed by MV GROUP Production, which managed to receive not only consumer but also expert recognition. For example, last year, the non-alcoholic winter wine Voruta Winterspice won a design award for innovation in product packaging in NAPA Packaging Design Awards. The product portfolio has expanded at several times, so we have reached a point where we are forced to substantially increase our technical capabilities” says Čiburys.

MV GROUP Production will allocate a major part of the investments in Anykščių Vynas planned for this year, more than €400,000, for the expansion of the cold cellar.

It is planned that the cellar area will increase by 800 sq. m., and 28 new stainless-steel tanks will enable the additional capacity of over 350 thousands liters.

“After producing hundreds of thousands of liters of products at different stages of production, before pouring them into containers, we have to store it – to give time for fermentation, maturation, other relevant processes during production. In addition, raw materials for the production are also stored in the cellar. The expansion of the cold cellar in the factory has already started, it is planned that the project will be implemented in separate stages. Investments in the cold cellar include not only complex construction work, but also the installation of modern equipment to ensure a specific microclimate in the cellar, as well as storage capacity” says the CEO of MV GROUP Production.

More than €200,000 is being invested in the renovation of the Anykščių Vynas laboratory.

“The laboratory is one of the key parts of the factory structure, basically involved in all production processes, starting with the research of primary raw materials, continuing with intermediate and final product quality inspections. Due to the significant increase in production volumes, the available laboratory capacity is no longer satisfactory, therefore we will substantially renew the laboratory, applying the latest standards and implementing the most modern technologies” says Čiburys.

Meanwhile, the remaining number of planned investments is intended to be allocated for the ongoing improvements of the technological processes of Anykščių Vynas.

According to the CEO, such investments in Anykščių Vynas also dictate the need for new specialists. Currently, the factory with 92 employees is actively looking for a junior craftsman in the production bar, while at the beginning of the fruit and berry processing season, company will announce an active search for temporary specialists (production operators, product preparers).

About Anykščių Vynas

Anykščių Vynas factory, managed by MV GROUP Production AB, is one of the oldest wine producers in Lithuania. The factory currently employs 92 people. Anykščių Vynas is most famous for the natural fruit and berry wine Voruta, which products are recognized as the national heritage of Lithuania. In addition to it, the factory also produces cider, juice and bitters. Juice concentrates and dried apple pulp produced by Anykščių Vynas are successfully exported. Last year, the factory bought 16 thousand tons of apples and 708 tons of other fruits and berries from Lithuania and neighboring countries.