MV GROUP Production continues the modernization of Gubernija with an investment of almost 1.5 million euros

MV GROUP Production continues the modernization of Gubernija with an investment of almost 1.5 million euros

The oldest brewery in Lithuania is actively renewing itself. A couple of years ago, the main production line, where drinks are poured into cans, was modernized at the Gubernija brewery. Now it’s time to modernize the other two lines, which are used for bottling into PET plastic bottles and KEG kegs. Along with the new equipment, laboratory equipment has also arrived in Šiauliai to help ensure the quality of the containers. The investment of around EUR 1.5 million to upgrade the lines also strengthens the team of specialists who will use the innovations to their full potential and uphold centuries-old brewing traditions.

“We aim to make Gubernija, which will celebrate 360 years next year, one of the most competitive breweries in the region and to strengthen its position in the markets. To this end, we are investing in equipment from leading international manufacturers, which takes our production processes to a new level of efficiency and paves the way for more efficient and sustainable operations. By innovating and automating processes, we are creating jobs with higher added value – we are open to hiring new talents,” says Algirdas Čiburys, CEO of MV GROUP Production.

MV GROUP Production, the company that owns the brewery in Šiauliai, has invested almost €1 million in the production line, which has started using PET plastic packaging made from blanks produced on site. The packaging production technology came from the Italian company SMI Group, has been successfully installed and is now operational. At the same time, laboratory equipment has been purchased to continuously monitor and check the quality parameters of the packaging. “In order to be as sustainable as possible, modern packaging is made as light as possible, using as little raw material as possible. In addition, it is possible to produce packaging from recycled plastic materials,” says Čiburys. In the past, partners produced packaging from blanks for the brewery, but now all the responsibility lies with Gubernija’s own specialists. When the beverages are poured into PET bottles that have just been formed here, various risks are reduced, and the quality standards of Lithuanian production are more easily guaranteed. 

A new KEG draft beer line will also help the company improve its export performance. The equipment manufactured by the German company KEG-Technik, which is widely used by brewers around the world. The equipment, which cost around EUR 400,000, will open greater export opportunities for the Lithuanian company – MV GROUP Production’s customers will be able to get fresh Gubernija beer or beer on tap in farther afield. The decision to use disposable KEG containers made of 100% recyclable plastic has opened opportunities to export drinks in KEG containers.

Plastic KEG containers offer several advantages over conventional metal KEG containers when it comes to exports. Firstly, the supply of products in metal drums is more expensive as the producer must recover the empty containers. Secondly, the beer dispensed into special disposable kegs can last up to 1 year, whereas the average beer in a conventional metal keg lasts 2-3 months. This offers the possibility to significantly expand the export geography and to transport the bottled beer over longer distances. In addition to the advantages already mentioned, the new equipment will also allow the brewery to save water used for washing the containers. It is estimated that the new technology will allow the Šiauliai brewery to halve the water consumption in this production line.

The decision to also bottle Gubernija’s products in single-use recyclable plastic KEGs is a well-judged, more sustainable, and cost-effective one. MV GROUP Production’s customers in the USA and Asia are already interested in the new option of obtaining Lithuanian beverages in KEG containers.   

Gubernija, which aims to open its export markets more widely, is also seeking to manage its resources more efficiently. The brewery, which will be 360 years old next year, is in the process of installing a system to monitor its energy resources (consumption). As beverage production processes are energy-intensive, collecting and analyzing monitoring data can help to find solutions that are highly beneficial and financially worthwhile for the company. A system that allows real-time monitoring of electricity, gas and water consumption at different points will help professionals to identify where savings can be made, and resources used more efficiently.

The manager of MV GROUP Production, A. Čiburys claims that the introduced innovations create the need to expand the team’s competences and improve the qualifications of employees more rapidly. Therefore, the company organizes training courses to ensure that specialists make the most of the advantages and capabilities of modern equipment.

Gubernija is always open to new talents from Šiauliai and other regions of Lithuania. The brewery’s specialists say that it is a great place to learn and grow, as Gubernija is owned by MV GROUP Production, which also owns the Lithuanian Alita, Anykščių vyno and Stumbras factories. The teams of beverage producers share their knowledge, ideas, and discoveries with each other – developing synergies. 

Gubernija, together with Stumbras, Anykščių vynas and Alita, is part of the beverage production company MV GROUP Production. MV GROUP is one of the largest groups of companies in the Baltic States, uniting companies involved in the production, wholesale and retail of alcoholic beverages and other beverages, as well as logistics in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.