“Anykščių vynas” is Preparing for the Start of the Apple Harvest Purchasing Season: Presenting Convenient Innovations and Looking for New Employees

“Anykščių vynas” is Preparing for the Start of the Apple Harvest Purchasing Season: Presenting Convenient Innovations and Looking for New Employees

The “Anykščių vynas” factory located in Anykščiai is preparing for the apple harvest purchasing season, which is scheduled to start on Monday, August 24. In total, “Anykščių vynas” expects to buy about 20,000 tons of various types of apples at favorable prices on the market this year, from which the factory produces juices, juice concentrates, natural wines, cider, and other products.

According to Liubovė Rebiatnikova, Production Manager of “Anykščių vynas”, both owners of larger gardens and individual growers are invited to sell their apples. For the convenience of carriers, before the arrival, sellers are encouraged to register in the electronic queue management system installed last year, which has already proved its worth.

“Using this system, carriers from all over Lithuania arrive at the factory’s harvest purchasing points at the pre-arranged time, thus avoiding standing in long queues and saving time – this way they sell their harvest faster and more conveniently” says Rebiatnikova, noting that while using the system, unnecessary paperwork is also avoided, as all the necessary documents marking the purchase are kept virtually.

In order to make it even more convenient to deliver apples, this year, “Anykščių vynas” also installed a parking lot for carriers. This one is set up near the purchasing points operating in the factory.

“Our factory is located in the very center of Anykščiai, so if the carriers arrive to deliver the apples earlier or not at the arranged time, sometimes there are queues forming in the city center. In order to avoid such congestion, this year we will invite carriers to park their vehicles in a specially designed parking lot, thus providing more convenience for both sellers and city residents” says Rebiatnikova.

Finally, starting the apple purchasing season, “Anykščių vynas” is also ready to expand its team of employees – in addition to the seasonal work, apple sorters and unloading operators are being sought.

No waste from purchased apples

The “Anykščių vynas” factory produces more than 100 different products from apples, including not only natural wines or ciders well known to consumers in Lithuania, but also juices, juice concentrates and natural aromatic substances used in the food industry.

Therefore, according to Rebiatnikova, the apples purchased by the factory are used completely, without leaving any waste. “Green production is a global trend that we are following. We use the apples we buy, figuratively speaking, right up to the seeds – fruit juices are used to make different drinks and concentrates, the rest of the pulp is dried and sold to producers of pectin which is used in food and pharmaceutical industries” says a representative of “Anykščių vynas” noting that the waste-free process is enabled by modern technologies installed in the factory.

30% of the drinks produced by the factory are exported – in total, “Anykščių vynas” products can be found in almost 20 countries around the world. Perhaps the most popular product of the factory abroad is juice concentrates – around 95% of them are exported abroad.

Most juice concentrate purchased from “Anykščių vynas” is in Germany, where around 70% of exported juice concentrate is travelling. The rest of the exported juice concentrate goes to Austria, Hungary, Poland, Estonia.

The “Anykščių vynas” factory plans to end the apple purchasing season in mid-November.

About “Anykščių vynas”

“Anykščių vynas” factory, managed by AB MV Group Production, is a wine producer with deeply rooted traditions in Lithuania. The factory currently has 79 employees. The profile of drinks produced by “Anykščių vynas” includes natural berry-fruit wines, cider, juice, bitters. “Anykščių vynas” buys more than 22 thousand tons of harvest annually from Lithuania and neighboring countries.