MV GROUP has a new head of sales development

MV GROUP has a new head of sales development

MV GROUP, which is one of the largest business groups in the Baltic States, has a new head of sales development – Aurimas Abromavičius assumed this position on Monday, February 24th.

Mr Abromavičius, who has 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, has spent almost all of this time working in the alcohol industry. For most of his career, he has held senior positions at multinational companies, responsible for sales development in European markets.

Mr Abromavičius spent the past five years working as CEE regional business manager for Distell International.

As part of MV GROUP, Mr Abromavičius will be responsible for development and implementation of the export strategy, the implementation of export development programmes and projects, and contractual trade relationship projects, and will also coordinate the company’s overall export activities. 

“The active development of export sales is currently one of MV GROUP’s top priorities, so we are very pleased with Aurimas’s decision to join us. We have no doubt that his experience in the international business arena and his deep knowledge of the specifics of the alcohol market will greatly benefit the entire team in their quest for excellence, and the fact that Aurimas already knows some of his colleagues will help him move forward even faster,” says the head of MV GROUP.

Mr Abromavičius based his decision to join MV GROUP on his desire to use the personal experience he has gained at international companies to promote Lithuanian products abroad.

“The factories united by MV GROUP have a deep Lithuanian tradition and a long history, which is a solid foundation for turning their products into global brands. For example, Alita and Anykščių Vynas are about to celebrate their centenaries, and Stumbras is already in its second century of operation; meanwhile, Gubernija, which has been carrying on Lithuanian brewing traditions for centuries, has personal meaning to me seeing that it is based in my hometown of Šiauliai, so I have a lot of ambition to popularise this brewery worldwide,” says Mr Abromavičius. 

One of his other reasons for joining MV GROUP was the positive experience gained during previous cooperation.

“In my previous work representing different foreign manufacturers, I came in contact with different people from various MV GROUP companies on numerous occasions. Not only did the cooperation yield good results – it also left only the very best impressions: the MV GROUP team proved to be very professional, hardworking and ambitious, always setting the highest goals for itself. I consider myself to be a real team player who attaches a lot of importance to the human connection at work. I have no doubt that as part of this team, I will be able to fulfil my potential while also achieving extremely good results together,” says Mr Abromavičius. 

MV GROUP is one of the largest corporate groups in the Baltic States, representing more than 300 proprietary and international brands and operating in four business sectors: manufacturing, distribution, logistics and sales. It employs a total of over 1,000 people in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. MV GROUP products are exported to more than 40 foreign countries on six continents, including the United States, Australia, Japan, China, France and Germany.