Mixology Ambassador Rapolas Vareika seeks Guinness World Record

Mixology Ambassador Rapolas Vareika seeks Guinness World Record

It is possible that another Guinness World Record will soon be added to the Lithuanian account. On Friday, a Guinness World Record was set in Vilnius by Rapolas Vareika, the mixology ambassador of MV GROUP Ditribution, who has an exceptional talent for flairing – juggling bottles and other tools used in bars. He set a Guinness World Record for most consecutive bottle bumps on the elbow, where he knocked a glass bottle upwards 81 times without stopping.

Vareika gave a spectacular elbow-banging performance last Friday at the MV GROUP employees’ party. The current record for bartenders‘ beloved trick belongs to the British Tom Dyer, who hit bottle on the elbow 29 times without a break a decade ago. For Vareika’s record to be recognised, the official confirmation of the Guinness Book of World Records will have to be obtained.

“I’ve been preparing for this record all my life – for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be the best in the world in some area one day. I started hitting bottles when I was thirteen and won my first championship when I was barely an adult. I decided that it was time to set an official record at the beginning of the year when I registered my application for Guinness and started to prepare for it with way more focus” says Vareika.

According to the ambassador of mixology, in order to learn such attention-grabbing tricks and improve your technique, you need to train regularly, at least several times a week.

“I’ve been working on various tricks in training but hitting the bottle with an elbow has become an absolute focus in the last six months. The specific circumstances for preparation are required – I go training to a gym, and for safety reasons I need the floor to be made of rubber. As in other fields, achieving results here also requires full dedication and patience – the same trick needs to be repeated hundreds or even thousands of times in order to achieve perfection” says Vareika.

Representing MV GROUP Distribution, the mixology ambassador routinely demonstrates different bartending tricks at various events, as well as at international and national championships, where he regularly wins prizes.

For example, a couple of years ago at the national Bar Bootcamp awards, Vareika won in three categories – best working technique and best brand ambassador, as well as best mobile bar.

That’s why Vareika says he was almost completely calm when the fateful hour of the Guinness World Record attempt struck: “It was really not scary – I came to the record with full confidence, because I have achieved it unofficially many times before.” Vareika’s Guinness record was witnessed by more than 400 employees of MV GROUP in Lithuania, who watched the live broadcast of the performance of the Ambassador of Mixology remotely. The audience applauded the record-breaking colleague and immediately started congratulating him.