Innovation in Lithuanian Packaging Design – Laser Cut Labels

Innovation in Lithuanian Packaging Design – Laser Cut Labels

MV GROUP Production, a company that continuously uses innovations and modern solutions in packaging design, for the first time in Lithuania used a laser to cut labels.

MV GROUP Production developed the laser cut packaging designs in collaboration with design studio Studija Creata and packaging and adhesive label manufacturer Aurika.

The unique technology is based on the effect of the temperature of the laser beam on the raw material – when printing labels, the laser irradiates the desired drawing, text or individual design details in the raw material, and by adjusting the power of the laser, depending on the thickness of the raw material, the depth of cut of the illustration can be changed.

According to Jūratė Paulauskienė, Head of Product Development at MV GROUP, the unique laser technology allows manufacturers to simplify the label production process and offers wider opportunities for product presentation. Meanwhile, consumers get the opportunity to enjoy an eye-pleasing, and quite unusual result.

“The range of products in the Baltic states is really large, so it is very important to attract the attention of the consumer and to stand out in the competitive environment and on the shelves. The laser technology used for the labels helps to emphasize the uniqueness of the product, as well as brings an extremely precise result” says Paulauskienė.

According to Justas Ivanauskas, the leader of the Aurika marketing team, the new technology unleashes creativity and speeds up the production process.

“The ability to print and cut labels using lasers removes the limitations of label production – the technology can be used to print labels in a wide range of shapes and on a wide range of materials, and they can also be perforated and, at the same time, have the elements cut out of the label. In this case, MV GROUP Production chose a subtle solution: the laser cut out one of the most important elements of the label design – the product name” says Ivanauskas.

International Awards for Innovative Labels

Paulauskienė points out that MV GROUP Production constantly strives to be interesting and innovative in terms of the appearance of its product packaging.

“In addition to generating interest among local consumers, a distinctive, original and attractive label helps open doors to export markets. Every year we see more and more foreigners becoming interested in Lithuanian products, which helps us to present and promote Lithuania as an interesting and innovative country” says Paulauskienė. The company’s efforts are recognized almost every year – last year alone, several MV GROUP Production products triumphed in the international packaging design awards Baltic Best and Napa. In total, the company has won dozens of awards for packaging design.