Gubernija Has a New Production Manager

Gubernija Has a New Production Manager

Gubernija brewery, managed by MV GROUP Production, has a new production manager. On Monday, June 8, this position was taken up by Artūras Perednis.

The new production manager of Gubernija brewery has been working in the brewing industry since 1997. During his long career, Perednis has gained extensive experience: starting in Lithuania as a chief technologist, he later took over the management of several Belarusian brewing companies, as well as held the position of production development director in a spirits company.

Before becoming a part of Gubernija, for almost a decade Perednis worked at the world’s leading beer technology company Ziemann Holvrieka, where he held the position of technologist and project coordinator – he was realizing projects and implementing technologies in breweries in various countries around the world.

“Long-term and versatile experience ensures deep competencies of Perednis in the field of brewing and production, as well as determines a wide expert approach and openness to innovation. Perednis knowledge and qualifications meet our current needs, as well as our values ​​and vision for the future of Gubernija, so we believe that together with the team, the new manager will not only achieve the goals set, but also exceed expectations” says Algirdas Čiburys, CEO of MV GROUP Production.

According to Perednis, taking over the Gubernija’s production manager position, one of the most important goals for him is to increase production efficiency.

“The beer and kvass season has already begun, so from the very first days the bar has been rising particularly high for the manager. At the moment, the most important task for me is to smoothly manage the processes going on in the brewery and ensure the best user experience. Meanwhile, among the long-term goals, it is especially important to achieve maximum production efficiency and apply the most modern innovations, while maintaining the principles of traditional beer production” says Perednis.

The team led by Perednis employs over 90 experts and specialists. Gubernija production manager responsibilities are increasing the competitiveness of the brewery in the market, application of innovations and technologies, developing new products, consistent training of the specialists working in the brewery.

About Gubernija

Gubernija, which has been operating in Šiauliai for several centuries, belongs to AB MV GROUP Production, which unites three other Lithuanian factories: Stumbras, Alita and Anykščių vynas. The cellars of the brewery, reminiscent of the times of nobles, are recognized as the historical heritage of the country. Gubernija portfolio contains various types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers and natural bread kvass made from specially baked bread. Today, the brewery has 4 production lines and 90 Gubernija employees produce about 10 million liters of products per year.