“Gubernija Extra Non-Alcoholic” became the main sponsor of Lithuanian rugby champions “Baltrex-Šiauliai”

“Gubernija Extra Non-Alcoholic” became the main sponsor of Lithuanian rugby champions “Baltrex-Šiauliai”

“Baltrex-Šiauliai“, the multiple Lithuanian rugby champion, has a new general sponsor – “Gubernija Extra Non-Alcoholic” beer, brewed at the “Gubernija” brewery in Šiauliai.

The long-term partnership agreement, under which the brand will provide significant financial support to the athletes, was signed by “Gubernija Extra Non-Alcoholic” and “Baltrex-Šiauliai“ on Wednesday, during a ceremony held at the “Gubernija” brewery.

According to Artūras Perednis, Production Director of the “Gubernija“ Brewery, the decision to support the country’s leading rugby club was primarily driven by the “Gubernija“ brand values of community, simplicity, friendship, trustworthiness, support and openness.

“These are the key words that encapsulate the entire worldview and attitude of “Gubernija Extra Non-Alcoholic”.  “Gubernija“ brewery, which has been operating in Šiauliai for more than 350 years, is constantly striving to foster an immediate relationship with the city’s community and to contribute to its well-being and the well-being of Šiauliai region in various ways – to inspire, encourage and guide them to victory. We believe that significant financial support will have an impact on the athletes’ preparation, and emotional support – on their motivation”, – says A. Perednis.

The head of “Gubernija“ also points out that both the “Gubernija“ brewery and the sport of rugby represented by “Baltrex-Šiauliai“ are among the most prominent symbols of the city of Šiauliai, which is famous not only in Lithuania but also abroad. Therefore, this is not the first synergy between the partners: back in the spring, the rugby players representing the team were featured in a video clip for the renewal of “Gubernija Extra Non-Alcoholic”, which was marked by a significant slogan reflecting the brand’s philosophy, “For Locals”.

Alvydas Stulpinas, President of “Baltrex-Šiauliai“, emphasises that as the level of rugby in Lithuania and the Baltics rises, the significant support of “Gubernija“ encourages “Baltrex-Siauliai“ to achieve even higher results.

“We are very happy to have a new member of our community, especially when it is “Gubernija“, one of the oldest breweries in Lithuania with deep traditions in Šiauliai. This friendship encourages us to improve in every way, not only in the stadium. At the same time, it is both a new responsibility and a driving force. Thank you for your trust, and we, in turn, see that we can achieve more after this year’s successful performance both in Lithuania and internationally,” said Stulpinas.   “Baltrex-Šiauliai“ has been performing particularly well recently, triumphing in this year’s Baltic Top League Championship and finishing second in the European Club Champions Cup. In the Rugby 7 European Championships, the Lithuanian national team, which is made up of “Baltrex-Šiauliai“ players, finished fourth. Last year, the team won the Lithuanian Sports Club of the Year nomination.