Drinks and Snacks Aid for Military, Riflemen and Volunteers Fighting the Coronavirus

Drinks and Snacks Aid for Military, Riflemen and Volunteers Fighting the Coronavirus

MV GROUP continues to actively support the fight against coronavirus. On Friday, the company started delivering rations of the products it produces and distributes to the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, the 1808 hotline volunteers and emergency medical services personnel. MV GROUP has already distributed more than 9,000 nonalcoholic drinks and snacks items to people ensuring the safety of the country.

“We are facing an unprecedented challenge and we are confident that we can only tackle it with the combined efforts of state institutions, society and business, and acting all together. We are especially grateful to the military and riflemen who guard us, as well as the hotline volunteers and the ambulance personnel, and in exchange for their efforts, we feel obliged to reward them with provision of drinks and snacks supplies” says Marijus Cilcius, CEO of MV GROUP.

MV GROUP also mobilized suppliers of their company Mineraliniai vandenys as part of its support – Borjomi and Bakuriani, Redbull, 7 days, and Lofbergs dedicated their production for rations. Military, riflemen and volunteers also received Gubernija’s bread kvass (“Duonos Gira”).

MV GROUP organized product rations in just a couple of days. In order to reach the recipients as quickly as possible, several companies in the Group have joined forces: Mineraliniai vandenys and MV GROUP Production which provided the drinks supplies and MV GROUP Logistics, Group’s logistics company, which has delivered these products.

Drinks and snacks supply will be distributed throughout Lithuania for soldiers working at the airports and borders, as well as in other tasks, members of the Riflemen’s Union working at mobile medical checkpoints and other important places, and volunteers working in emergency call centers.

The aid package distributed by the beginning of the week was the first one. As the quarantine continues, MV GROUP will regularly replenish the snacks and drinks supplies for the target groups. Product rations are not the only support provided to Lithuania by MV GROUP in the face of coronavirus. On March 19th, the corporate group also signed a contract for the purchase and donation of a lung ventilation device to Vilnius City Municipality. The lung ventilator is an indispensable tool for treating and saving the lives of patients with severe illness.