A new sculpture of a Doberman is unveiled in Vilnius’ Paupys district

A new sculpture of a Doberman is unveiled in Vilnius’ Paupys district

A new sculpture of a Doberman was unveiled in the Paupys district of Vilnius, cast in bronze by metal artist and sculptor Eimantas Ludavičius. The sculpture is an exact replica of a Doberman sculpture created almost 15 years ago, which still stands on the capital’s Gediminas Avenue.

The new sculpture of the Doberman stands on Aukštaičių Street, close to Paupys Market. The piece, which is well known to Vilnius residents, has a long history dating back to the 1990s.

Back then, the original part of the installation by artist Svajūnas Kižis – the Doberman – was purchased by Mineraliniai Vandenys, now called MV GROUP Distribution LT, and placed in front of its store to protect the shop and to provide a pleasant atmosphere for the passers-by. The sculpture was soon loved by Vilnius residents, and long-handed thieves even tried to steal it several times before finally succeeding.

In 2006, a new sculpture of the Doberman was erected on the same spot on Gediminas Avenue to mark history and meet the expectations of concerned Vilnius residents. This time it was created by the artist E. Ludavičius and decorated with glasses.

Ludavičius decided to mark history once again this year by creating an identical replica of the sculpture at the request of MV GROUP Distribution LT to mark the company’s thirtieth anniversary. The company Darnu Group helped the new Doberman to stand in the Paupys district.

“If someone had told me that this sculpture of a Doberman would be of such great value to people, I would hardly have believed it. Then, the re-creation of the Dobermann was inspired by the desire to connect the history of the place with the present: the Dobermann symbolized the origins of the history – the Mineraliniai Vandenys shop – and the glasses that decorated it were in keeping with the opticians’ salon in the same place. Of course, at the time, I also could not have imagined that I would cast this sculpture a second time in my lifetime. For me personally, it was a pleasure and a great appreciation – apparently, this is a case where the work has outlived its author,” says Ludavičius.

Meanwhile, Marijus Cilcius, General Director of MV GROUP Distribution LT, says that the new bronze sculpture not only marks the long journey of the company celebrating its anniversary but has also become a symbolic gift to the citizens. Especially to those who believe that dreams come true.

“This Doberman has been the symbol of our company for 30 years – one could joke that it is because of the drive and energy that binds her and our characters together that the business has grown so much over the years. Starting from a single store, today MV GROUP Distribution LT is the foundation of the entire MV GROUP of companies operating in four countries. The symbolic Doberman has been like a guardian of our business and aspirations all these years, and we hope for her to patron dreams not only for ourselves but also for all the citizens of Vilnius and the city’s guests,” says M. Cilcius.