In this notice, we inform you how and where MV GROUP production AB (legal entity code 132082782, registered office address Aukstaiciu g. 7, Vilnius) processes personal data of stores visitors related to the ongoing surveillance of stores by video cameras.

Visitors shall be informed about the video surveillance in the shops by means of information signs with the camera symbol image and data manager’s details, which are provided before entering the area under video surveillance and/or room.

The view is observed in the premises of stores (halls, warehouses).

The video surveillance in the stores is continuous.

MV GROUP production AB ensures that video data is processed only by persons authorized by MV GROUP production AB, who are introduced to the legal acts regulating legal protection of personal data.

What categories of personal data do we collect?

The image of shop visitors and records related to store visitors and all other personal data and actions of store visitors in the area of video surveillance cameras coverage.

When performing video surveillance, we collect the following information: videos, date and time of video capture, location.

Why do we collect this personal data?

We process personal data of visitors to the stores for the following purposes:

On what legal basis do we collect this personal data?

The protection of our legitimate interests and fundamental interests, including health and life.

Where do we get this personal data?

We collect personal data using technical means, i.e., IP cameras and records are stored in the data array inaccessible from the external network. This system does not use facial recognition and/or analysis technologies, nor does the image data recorded by them be grouped or profiled by a specific data subject (person).

We may transfer personal data to:

Asmens duomenis mes galime perduoti:

JYour personal data is neither transferred nor processed in countries other than the EU and EEA countries.

How long do we retain this personal data?

Video surveillance recordings will be stored for a maximum of 30 (thirty) days unless the records contain the information necessary to achieve the defined purpose. In this case, the record will be stored until the identified problem is clarified or the relevant investigation is completed.

What rights do you have with regard to this personal data?

You shall have the right to:

Where do you apply for the exercise of the rights of data subjects?

For questions related to the exercise of the rights of the data subject, please contact  and submit a properly completed data subject inquiry form, which you can fill in in in the following link: Form. You can also download, fill in and deliver the data subject’s inquiry form upon arrival at the following address: Aukstaiciu g. 7, Vilnius, from 8 to 17, Monday to Thursday and from 8 to 15.45 on Fridays.