Mike Jordhoy from France to triumph in Global Bartender Championship in Krakow

Mike Jordhoy from France to triumph in Global Bartender Championship in Krakow

Angostura Global Cocktail Championship 2020, a competition gathering the best bartenders from all over Europe to Krakow, has reached its‘ finish line – after an intense fight, it was revealed that Mike Jordhoy from France had won the championship in Europe. The victory in the World Cup European Championship hosted by MV Poland has opened the door for the winner to enter the World Championship Final in Trinidad Island.

The European final of the Angostura Global Cocktail Championship 2020 in Krakow was happening on Thursday.

According to Arūnas Rokas, head of distribution company MV Poland which organized the European final, the fact that the Angostura Global Cocktail Championship 2020 took place in Krakow this year is further evidence of the country’s strong market position.

“The fact that such world-renowned brand like Angostura has shown its‘ attention to Poland demonstrates that today we are a significant player throughout the European market, known not only for our performance and competence, but also for the beverage culture prevailing in the country. The chance to organize the European final of the Angostura Global Cocktail Championship 2020 means not only a tremendous appreciation but also a great responsibility – we are happy that we were able to demonstrate the highest quality of work during the championship” said Arūnas Rokas.

In total, 10 bartenders from different European countries – Italy, Spain, Austria, Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and others – participated in the championship in Krakow.

During the championship, bartenders had to prove their excellence by shaking two kinds of cocktails within 7 minutes, one of which had to be made using selected Angostura rum and the other – with Amaro di Angostura liqueur. Both of these drinks are native to Trinidad and Tobago, located in the southern Caribbean.

In addition to mixing cocktails, the bartenders had to comment on each of their actions for the jury and explain the subtleties of the Angostura drinks they used, as well as answer two questions – what exactly do Angostura drinks provide to these cocktail flavors and what inspired them to create these drinks.

All participants of the championship were judged by an international panel of professionals formed by MV Poland. The jury was from Tomek Malek, one of the most famous barmen in Poland and the representative of bar “The Roots and Flair Factory”, Daniel Levsky and Eddi Rudzinskas, both representing the global company “Cocktail 4 You“.

The judges awarded points to bartenders based on several criteria – taste and appearance of the cocktail, Angostura aftertaste, bartenders’ answers to the questions, image and style chosen for the presentation, knowledge of Angostura and others. The maximum number of points the bartenders could score was 150.

Summing up the panel’s ratings, it was not long before it became clear that this time Mike Jordhoy who came to Krakow from France, demonstrated the highest excellence in the European final of the Angostura Global Cocktail Championship 2020. The jury was amazed by his creativity, craftsmanship and technique, as well as his cocktail representation and knowledge.

Not only did Mike Jordhoy win the 2500 dollars cash prize, he also gained the right to participate in the global finals of the Angostura Global Cocktail Championship 2020, which will take place in Trinidad Island on February 23, 2020. The winners of regional championships of Asia, UK, USA, Australia, New Zeland, Africa, South Latin, Caribbean, Canada and Europe will participate. 

The bartender who will triumph in the global finals will be rewarded with $10,000 and a new position – Angostura Global Brand Ambassador.