Gubernija Announces National Movement Savi už savus: Invites to Cope with the Consequences of the Economic Crisis Together

Gubernija Announces National Movement Savi už savus: Invites to Cope with the Consequences of the Economic Crisis Together

In order to reduce the consequences of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus in Lithuania, the Lithuanian brewery Gubernija is launching a national movement “Savi už savus” (“Locals for Locals”) to support small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the country. Expressing support for businesses, Gubernija also finances the advertising and communication costs of some small businesses in Šiauliai in order to encourage public to use the services of these businesses and protect jobs.

According to Ieva Matulaitienė, Marketing Director of MV GROUP Production, company that holds Gubernija, the crisis caused by the coronavirus has affected every Lithuanian, therefore, in order to reduce its consequences, community effort and support for each other is needed more than ever.

“Some people have been hit by the crisis very hard – their income has fallen, they may have lost their jobs. For others, it is irreparable: some had to close their business permanently without hope of returning. And crisis did not pass even for those who did not feel financial loss – for them it reduced choice and brought uncertainty. To meet the challenges ahead, it is important to remain united. Gubernija has always taken care of the well-being of its country, therefore, today it invites everyone to concentrate – to buy a product made by a local businessman, to use his services and thus stop the economic downturn in our own country” says Matulaitienė.

By announcing the movement “Savi už savus”, Gubernija encourages the public to use the services of Lithuanian small and medium-sized enterprises, thus expressing financial support for the owners of these businesses, protecting jobs and promoting consumption.

The foundation of the “Savi už savus” movement is the “Savi už savus” community platform launched on Facebook. Anyone can join this platform, where members of the community can not only present and advertise their businesses, but also discover new Lithuanian businesses whose products or services may be relevant to purchase.

Covering advertising costs

By initiating the “Savi už savus” movement, “Gubernija” seeks to make a real impact in reducing the effects of the crisis, therefore, by promoting consumption, it has undertaken to finance the advertising and communication costs of part of the crisis-affected small and medium-sized enterprises in Šiauliai.

“Advertising and communication attract the attention of a potential consumer and encourages him or her to buy the products or services offered. Small and medium-sized enterprises often lack the funds to advertise even in normal circumstances, let alone the conditions in the face of the crisis, when they no longer have the means to promote and present themselves. Being a native of Šiauliai, Gubernija has started to finance the advertising and communication costs of these local businesses in order to encourage consumers to use their services” says Matulaitienė.

To finance advertising expenses, the Gubernija has chosen such Šiauliai businesses that did not stop their activities during the quarantine and found it possible to adapt to the changed circumstances, but are already experiencing or fear to suffer real damage from the economic crisis. Their declared values ​​became an important criterion in deciding which businesses to finance – like the Gubernija, the chosen businesses are characterized by their uniqueness, the highest quality, and the promotion of community spirit.

“Currently, we have invested significant amount in the advertising of three businesses operating in Šiauliai – the waterboard park Fox Spot, Arvydas Mockevičius beekeeping farm and cafe-bar S Baras. At the same time, we actively encourage the public to join the movement “Savi už savus” and actively communicate about businesses that need people’s support today more than ever before” says MV GROUP Production’s marketing director. By financing the advertising and communication costs of the businesses, Gubernija has ensured that the news about these three businesses is spread both regionally and nationally. The advertising package of each business includes outdoor posters, a TV report, articles in the national and regional press, active action on social networks, display ads in news portals and other websites.