MV GROUP Distribution Estonia Donated 20 Thousand croissants to Toidupank

MV GROUP Distribution Estonia Donated 20 Thousand croissants to Toidupank

Toidupank received 20 thousand croissants from the wholesaler MV Eesti as a donation, which will be distributed by Toidupank to Estonian people who currently need food aid the most.

Agnes Ojakivi, the head of Tallinn Toidpank, pointed out that food aid was especially pleasing to the children. “Toidupank provides support for those, whom even the most essential food is a luxury product, let alone delighting oneself with sweets. It is not surprising that the opportunity to enjoy croissants has delighted children the most – for most of the kids growing up in our supported families the opportunity to enjoy sweets is extremely rare. Therefore, on behalf of all of us, we would like to sincerely thank the company” says Ojakivi.

A spokeswoman for Toidupank also points out that the COVID-19 epidemic has affected many businesses in Estonia. But even more, the epidemic has affected charities and people whose quality of life depends on the support and goodwill of others.

“The epidemic has been a challenge for everyone. But the hardest hit are people who do not have a stable source of income and have to face deprivation on a daily basis. That is why we have decided that it is they who need support now more than ever. We hope that it will inspire other companies to contribute to support Toidupank, ”said Aleksei Otkidatš, MV Eesti General Manager.

According to Otkidatš, during its 10 years of operation, Toidpank has shown itself to be a well-functioning and appreciative organization that can smoothly receive and distribute such a large amount of food aid.

This is not the first time that Toidupank has received an enormous ‘7 Days‘ croissants gift – MV Eesti has delighted many destitute people with these delicacies before. In addition, the company regularly supports various social projects and events aimed at reducing social exclusion and strengthening communities.

Toidupank provides support to families and individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to afford themselves for short or long period of time. In a decade, such temporary support has already helped thousands of Estonians to get back on their feet.

Food aid is very needed at the moment, with many people losing their jobs and source of livelihoods as a result of the pandemic, which has put them on the brink of poverty. As Toidupank does not have enough food for all families in need, the organization works with social departments to help select beneficiaries.

MV Eesti is a part of the internationally operating company MV GROUP Distribution, which distributes goods in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. MV Eesti has been operating in the country since 2008.