Mineraliniai vandenys, celebrating its 30th anniversary, changes its name

Mineraliniai vandenys, celebrating its 30th anniversary, changes its name

“Mineraliniai vandenys”, one of the largest distribution companies in the Baltic States, changes its name and will now operate under the name “MV GROUP Distribution LT“. The name change is also being implemented by the company’s branches operating in other Baltic countries and Poland.

The name change of the Lithuanian company coincides with a symbolic date – founded in 1992, the company celebrates its 30th birthday this year. According to Marijus Cilcius, the CEO of “MV GROUP Distribution LT“, the new name is more meaningful, also better reflects the company’s activities and the range of products it offers.

“Starting with one store in Vilnius, we have come a long way in 30 years and have expanded our range of activities considerably. First of all, the company has become the foundation of “MV GROUP“, a group of companies operating in four sectors. As the company has grown significantly, we have also expanded into other areas of activity. In addition, we have also expanded our activities internationally, through companies branches in other countries. With such a large expansion, the former name no longer reflected the company’s activities and range of products, nor did it reflect the internationality of the company, as we work with suppliers from all over the world. Therefore, the need for a change was solid, and the new name essentially reflects the company’s focus and scope,” says M. Cilcius, who also is the head of the “MV GROUP“ group of companies.

Together with “MV GROUP Distribution LT“, the names of the branches in Latvia, Estonia and Poland have also been changed. The names of the branches were “MV Latvia”, “MV Eesti” and “MV Poland” and will now be “MV GROUP Distribution LV”, “MV GROUP Distribution EE” and “MV GROUP Distribution PL” respectively.

“The unified names of all the distribution companies managed by the Group will ensure better overall recognition of “MV GROUP Distribution“ among suppliers and customers around the world, which will help us to achieve our goal of becoming one of the leading distributors in the entire Baltic region and in Poland,” says M. Cilcius.   

In addition, he says, the name changes will result in the unification of the names of all the Group’s companies, which will ensure convenience and will strengthen the Group’s corporate identity: “Since we created “MV GROUP“ exactly ten years ago, we have consistently sought to ensure that the companies that the Group unites reflect the interconnectedness of each other. That’s why we named the production company we founded in 2016 “MV GROUP Production“, in 2018 we renamed the group’s logistics company to “MV GROUP Logistics“, and now we have turned our focus to our own distribution business with a change to ensure that all the companies in the group finally have a unifying brand.”

In total, “MV GROUP Distribution” represents more than 300 different brands across the Baltics and Poland, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food and animal products, tobacco products and other FMCG products.

“MV GROUP Distribution“ has more than 400 employees. In 2021, “MV GROUP Distribution’s“ sales revenue including excise duty in all four countries exceeded EUR 310 million, while in Lithuania it was close to EUR 194 million.