First Seasonal Bottlery Store Opened in Nida

First Seasonal Bottlery Store Opened in Nida

A new Bottlery store was opened in Nida town on Thursday. This is the first chain store in the entire Curonian Spit, and the first to operate seasonally – during the summer.

The new Bottlery store in Nida is located in the very center of the resort, in Taikos str. 3, near the Neringa municipality building.

According to the chain manager Vilma Zilinkienė, the need to open a new store in Nida was primarily dictated by the expectations of holidaymakers vacationing in Lithuania.

“Although our newly introduced e-shop allows us to serve customers all over Lithuania, so far we have gathered the largest circle of loyal customers in the major cities where our physical stores operate. Therefore, it is natural that customers who used to easily reach our stores in the city, after going on holiday around Lithuania, missed them. We constantly listen to the expectations of our customers and feel the need to respond to them, so the opening of the Bottlery in Nida is prompted by the customers themselves” says Zilinkienė.

The new Bottlery store in Nida offers visitors an exclusive range of gourmet snacks, food products, soft drinks, gift ideas and other products tailored to holidaymakers, which, according to Zilinkienė, will significantly expand the choice of goods for those vacationing in Neringa.

“The wide offer becomes especially relevant considering that more and more people choose to spend their holiday in Lithuania. Moreover, trends show that increasingly more Lithuanians are planning longer holidays, therefore the need to have a favorite store easily accessible is growing even more. The fact that the opening of the Bottlery in Nida coincides with the peak of the tourist season is a natural and timely business solution, relevant not only for us, but also for all holidaymakers” says Zilinkienė.

It is planned that the new 40 sq. m. Bottlery store in Nida will be open throughout the holiday season. Company managing the Bottlery chain, Mineraliniai vandenys, has invested approximately EUR 100 000 in the opening of this store. Currently, there are a total of 15 physical Bottlery stores of different formats operating in Lithuania: 9 in Vilnius, 3 in Kaunas, and one each in Klaipėda, Druskininkai and Panevėžys. There is also a Bottlery e-shop serving customers throughout Lithuania.