Alytus residents achieved an exceptional record – never before has there been such a massive toast

Alytus residents achieved an exceptional record – never before has there been such a massive toast

A large crowd of Alytus residents and guests became co-authors of an incredible record on Saturday during the city’s celebration – they said the most massive toast. Raising their glasses of the locally produced non-alcoholic drink, 1064 people simultaneously said loudly “To Alytus, to Alita!”. The unique record for the most massive toast was set by the representatives of the “Academy of Records”.

“We are very happy that so many people have responded to the call for a joint record and that a huge choir has been formed. All the participants proved that Alita is close to their hearts, that the factory celebrating its 60th anniversary has always been and will always be a part of Alytus – creating and growing together with the city. Just as we have achieved this record today, we are always writing the history of our city together, sharing our achievements and victories. Because without our joint efforts, today we would not have the products that represent Alytus and Lithuania around the world. We believe that persistent work always receives recognition and appreciation, and that is why today’s toast rang out from the bottom of our hearts,” said Viktoras Mostovojus, Production Director of Alita, thanking the participants of the event.

The new record was achieved in a special area created by Alita and located near the main stage of the Alytus City Festival. Here, every visitor could share their good mood and take a picture next to the decorations created especially for the Alytus City Festival. And when it was time to break the record, a huge choir raised glasses of Alita LIVI non-alcoholic sparkling wine and in unison, repeatedly pronounced a loud symbolic toast.

Alytus residents who took part in the initiative of the most massive toast assured that they would remember this spectacular moment when “To Alytus, to Alita!” echoed in the Valley of Songs for a long time as one of the brightest highlights of this year’s celebrations.

The initiator of the record, which has become a bright highlight of the celebration, the Alita factory belongs to the Lithuanian capital company MV GROUP Production, which takes care of the progress of the factory and its active involvement in the life of the Dzūkija capital. One of the city’s oldest companies and the first sparkling wine producer in Lithuania celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Having put Lithuania on the map of sparkling wines, brandies, alcoholic cocktails and whiskey, Alita can be proud of the promotion of both Lithuanian brands and Alytus in the world.