MV GROUP has a new Chief Marketing Officer – talent was brought back from Estonia

MV GROUP has a new Chief Marketing Officer – talent was brought back from Estonia

One of the largest corporate groups in the Baltic States MV GROUP has a new Chief Marketing Officer – last week this position was taken over by Ieva Matulaitienė.

Ieva Matulaitienė has almost 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising. Having started her career in advertising agencies, for the past 10 years she has been working at The Coca Cola Company where she held Market Operations Manager for the Baltic States position in Tallinn, Estonia.

According to Matulaitienė, being the CMO of MV GROUP allows her to realize her personal qualities perfectly, therefore, she decided to return to Lithuania.

“I feel ready to share my experience, knowledge and insights, and my relation to Lithuania has always been very important. So far, I have been sharing my experience in Lithuania only on short visits – giving presentations at business conferences, forums and seminars. Now I am ready to fully dedicate myself for work in my homeland” – said Matulaitienė.

Ieva Matulaitienė will be responsible for the development and implementation of MV GROUP marketing strategy for Lithuanian and foreign markets, image of the Group and its companies, maintenance and updating of marketing processes, organization of marketing departments activities.

 “Our team has been complemented by a marketing professional whose experience, we believe, will help us meet today’s market challenges, meet our goals and ensure sustainable growth. We want to grow and improve, therefore, we are strengthening our team with experienced people and we aim to use the latest technology and innovation to provide our employees, partners, clients and customers with quality experiences, products and services” says Marijus Cilcius, CEO of MV GROUP.

In 2018 for her contribution to business Matulaitienė was included in the “Top 100 Women of Lithuania” list honoring women for their merits to Lithuania. Inspired by the significant appreciation, last year Ieva Matulaitienė along with Global Lithuanian Leaders established a business club “Lithuanian Professionals in Tallinn” which aims to facilitate Lithuanian business growth in Estonia.

“I like challenges, I find myself dynamic and thirsty for innovative, groundbreaking solutions. I think, modern marketing is all about that. In addition, I consider teamwork as no less important than strategic business or marketing decisions. Considering that this will be by far the largest team under my leadership, I have no doubt that I will need to learn – I am determined and eager to do it” says Ieva Matulaitienė who identifies ultimate and comprehensive growth as the main goal of her work at MV GROUP.

MV GROUP is one of the largest corporate groups in the Baltic States representing more than 300 proprietary and international brands and operating in four business sectors: production, distribution, retail and logistics. It employs more than 1000 people in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. MV GROUP exports its products to more than 40 countries worldwide, including USA, Australia, Japan, China, France, Germany and others.